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I read James Lileks‘ excellent Backfence column when it comes out in our local paper, the Star Tribune (the column appears Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday) and I think I’ve linked to it before from here. I noticed that he was cited in a daily Quote of Note in the Motley Fool earlier in the week, so mailed him to let him know. He wrote back a day later to say thanks, and his message linked to his own site. I’ve been casting around over the last couple of days, and it’s a ton of fun. His own weblog is included, with much longer daily messages than mine (but then he’s a professional writer and I’m rubbish) and I tend to agree with his gently liberal swayings. There’s also a ton of fab Americana to browse around in – old adverts, dogs in bizarre situations, that sort of thing. Plus some amusing and almost educational galleries of money from other countries. Hours of fun – enjoy.

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