easter fluff

Recovering from all the Holy Week/Easter things which happened at the Cathedral last week and over the weekend. I’m kind of washed out, not helped by a sore throat and a bit of flu. But I had to write about a very amusing thing at an otherwise very well done Easter Morning service yesterday.

The leader of the Prayers of the People stood up to do the prayers, where she reads a prayer and the congregation says the response. However there was a bit of a mess-up. Here’s the script:

Leader: Let us now pray for the world etc etc

[pause while people kneel, sit etc]

Leader: We pray for etc etc

People: For our families etc etc

Here’s what happened:

Leader: “Leader let us know pray for the world etc etc”

[pause while people kneel, sit, look slightly confused etc]

Leader: “Leader we pray for etc etc”

[further looks of confusion, priest whispers in leader's ear, while people respond:

People: "For our families etc etc"

Leader: "People for our families etc etc"

[pause while leader gathers thoughts, people shuffle uncomfortably]

But it came together after that and she recovered well. I would have simply run away with embarrassment.

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