more toby things

There are a few more pictures of Toby on his site today, as I finally got around to scanning some more photos. I think they’re very cute, but I would say that wouldn’t I? We finally got a crib for him last week – he’s been sleeping in a bassinet thing in our room so far, but now he’s sleeping 8 hours at a stretch for which we know that we’re lucky, we thought we’d get him in his own room. So I put the thing together and Emma attached all the frilly things (I had no idea that cribs needed a dust ruffle, but I guess a bumper is a good idea to make sure his little arms and/or legs don’t get through the slats at the side) and we put Toby in. He seemed to like it a lot, but Emma got really quiet but wouldn’t say why. Eventually she and I thought we’d go off to bed, but we just couldn’t – it was like our little boy was growing up and moving out. We got quite emotional about it, but he was quite happy. We’re a bit silly like that sometimes.

Anyway, he’s developing more and more – he’s now much better with his hands and is reaching for toys a lot more. It was cute yesterday – he was lying on his front and examining his hand very closely, opening and closing his fist. It must be quite bizarre to realize that thinking about your hand moving actually makes your hand move.

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