maybe tomorrow

Darn, I meant to be up early to go to the gym this morning, but didn’t make it. I’ve been trying to get into the early morning thing lately, with some success – not only do I feel much more awake during the day, but with all the evening things I have going on it’s hard to schedule a decent time there. Plus it means I can eat before 8pm. So I walked in extra-fast, which should do it. I promise I’ll go tomorrow.

Tuesday night was good – we went to Paul and Claire’s to watch O Brother, Where Art Thou? which I hugely enjoyed, and Emma was able to let us know some info about the Homeric elements of it – she used to teach Classics (amongst other things, and when louts weren’t throwing chairs at her – grrr). We also went for the Tuesday night Domino’s Pizza two for one offer – marvellous.

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