So it’s started – the war to liberate/invade Iraq. There was of course tons of news about it while we were back in the UK – lots about how Tony Blair was doing (papers were split over whether or not he was doing the right thing, but universally admiring of his leadership), and it was a little strange/nerve-inducing making a journey by plane yesterday.

However, it seems there is now no going back with the war itself, and that US and British troops are comitted. I can only hope that collateral damage is small, as is any potential backlash from terrorists. I hope this isn’t providing them with recruiting material, or extra support.

But it’s a strange feeling now that something is happening. We’ve been waiting and waiting for so long on the brink and it has all been so inevitable that I feel guiltily relieved that there’s finallly action, even though I have massive doubts about the morality and wisdom of it. It’s my hope that this really will be a liberation rather than invasion and occupation of Iraq, and that it will be quick and clean. But I also know that this is something of a naive hope.

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