left and right doesn’t cut it

I’ve thought about this a few times but not in a very focused way (as I think about most things) but it’s good to see a website actually deal with more than just the old “left wing-right wing” political ratings. Instead they’ve come up with The Political Compass where you can (anonymously) run through a questionnaire to find out where your political views lie. I turned out to be just between where they plotted the British politicians Tony Benn and Simon Hughes – economically slightly left, and more libertarian than authoritarian.

This all makes sense, especially here in America where the more right wing Republicans are highly authoritarian in issues like the death penalty, abortion (although sadly not gun control) and the slightly less right wing Democrats are more libertarian on the above issues, but again, not on gun control.

Anyway, the quiz is worth doing – as they explain in the FAQ section they deliberately didn’t put in a “don’t know” option as they wanted people to consider difficult issues. Makes you think.

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