geek fun, kind of

Seeing as we got a digital camcorder last weekend, I had to make a few upgrades to my PC, with mixed results so far. Adding a USB hub was very easy, and putting in the Firewire card last night was no problem, although I was out of PCI slots so had to take out the TV tuner card, which I never use any more.

However, installing my new 120Gb hard drive was another matter, thanks mostly to the good people of Dell. I wanted to use the new drive as the master boot drive, assuming that it will be considerably faster than the old drive (and the CD supplied with the drive has a utility to do this – nice). However Dell appeared to have welded the old drive to the computer chassis, so it was impossible for me to change the jumper settings on it, or even to unplug the old drive’s cable. Plus the cables in the box are about 1/4″ too short to reach to where I want the new drive, so I’m at a bit of an impasse.

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