Yesterday, with a little help from Toby, I got the new hard drive installed to my PC. The firewire card handily came with a power chord extension, so that allowed me to get power to the drive, and the ATA data cable juuuust stretched far enough to go into both drives. Using Maxtor’s very easy installation software I got the drive up and running, then installed the Sony drivers for the camcorder, and within minutes was using the firewire/iLink connection to the camera. Very slick.

The new drive also seems very fast compared with the older one, and I’m toying with the idea of using the Maxtor utilities to make the new drive the master, so that hopefully the machine will start up and run more speedily than it does currently. But if that’s going to involve changing where the drives are plugged into the ATA cable it’s not going to be possible. If you have any ideas about this, please leave a comment.

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