our own American

One of the interesting things about Toby is of course that he’s a different nationality than Emma and me. I’m curious to see how this plays out in the future, but yesterday we had a bit of fun with one aspect – getting his passport, as we’re taking him over to England in March. It was a bit more stressful than we expected, as he was being rather grumpy for the first time, so there was a bit of yelling in the service center. When it came to photograph time he was crying quite a bit, and we decided after a couple of shots of him being bright red with wide open mouth that we should give him some lunch to calm him down. So the actual picture we’re using is of him slumped over almost asleep, looking kind of drunk.

The application form was amusing too – for height we wrote “22 inches”, and despite one woman at the office saying that we should write “Is cute”, I listed his occupation as “Infant”. Maybe “eat, sleep, excrete, repeat” would be more accurate.

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