a bit of video

Our friend Paul lent us his digital camcorder while we were in hospital for Toby’s birth, and we’ve just got the video put together and on the web. If you have broadband or a healthy amount of patience, you can see it here. It’s interesting to see already because he’s changed quite a bit. He’s certainly much more alert than when he was a day old, which is fair enough I suppose.

We got some black and white pictures developed over the weekend which are fantastic. When I have the time to scan them in I’ll post them too. On the way back from the mall, where we got the photos done, we had a slightly traumatic trip. It was the first time that Toby had been crying in the car, and of course there was nothing much we could do. He was yelling away, but we were on the highway so couldn’t really stop. After a couple of minutes which felt like hours he calmed down and was just fine, but it wasn’t a bundle of fun.

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