how to feel very small indeed

This Washington Post article describes some quite amazing new data about the nature of our universe, and I’m sure it’s quite a feat of scientific achievement. But it makes me feel very small and fleeting. Consider: they reckon the universe will keep on expanding until it eventually reaches nothingness and the universe is 13.7 billion years old (who can even imagine that?). Let’s not even get into the question of how the Big Bang even happened, or what was there beforehand.

It makes my morning seem very insignificant, although I did have a nice start, in that my new coffee machine arrived from QVC yesterday. Finally I have a machine which not only has a thermos jug (so that the brewed coffee is not kept hot on a heating place which always means that it tastes burned after about 20 minutes) but also grinds the beans for me before brewing – much less hassle and spills and time taken, plus it tastes fantastic. A small but surprisingly important improvement in my life.

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