Toby’s influence continues to spread both far and wide. We got a card yesterday from an old friend who heard news of Toby’s birth while he (Graham, not Toby) was on a plane on his way to South Africa. Many relatives across America, Europe and in Israel have heard the happy news. And yesterday Emma and I got a congratulatory email from a dear friend we hadn’t heard from in ages. Christian and I hung out together a lot when we were in the choir of Old St Paul’s Church in Edinburgh (which must have been between 1996 and 1998 – so long ago!) and he was the best man at Emma’s and my wedding. He and Graham are amongst the very small group of friends who have visited me here in Minneapolis. But we hadn’t written to each other in way, way too long. Hopefully I’ll be organized enough to keep in touch with him properly this time, which would make me very happy. So even though Toby kept us up till almost 2 am last night, there are many happy benefits of having him around!

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