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Watching CNN this morning (while eating breakfast downstairs so as not to wake Toby and Emma) there was a brief section on the anti-war protests scheduled to take place around the world tomorrow. They interviewed the actress Susan Sarandon who is deeply involved in all of this. It was refreshing to see that anti-war moves were getting some press and they talked a little about how bad it is that hawks have painted anti-war protesters as unpatriotic, when isn’t the whole point of America to be allowed to speak out about things, take to the streets etc. Refreshing, until…

Barely skipping a beat, they went live to their reporter with American troops in Kuwait. One of the troops, a 20-year-old with a fuzzy mustache, proposed to his girlfriend via sattelite phone. All very stilted because of the time delay, but she said yes, so good luck to them. However, I was struck by a number of things: the soldier proposing got twice as much air time as the anti-war protests; the join between the two items was so clumsy that it was almost funny; what a shame for that boy who has been sent to a desert on the other side of the world so that a barely competent president can deflect attention from his appaling record by invading another country based on support from the military industrial complex, and a bizarre over-personal mission because after all, Saddam tried to kill his dad. Nice work to put American and European lives, not to mention Iraqi lives, at risk for your own personal gain. A true patriot indeed.

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