shiny teeth

Until recently I had been going to a certain dentist every six months, and always had a good experience – the dentist is a nice guy, and the hygenist cleaned my teeth very well, leaving me with a kind of pampered mouth feeling afterwards. However the last time Emma and I visited they had a new hygenist who gouged away at our gums and left both of us with saw mouths for the next few days. Plus now that we’ve moved house we’re quite a way from the dentist’s office. So yesterday I went through the process of checking up for other dentists through my dental insurer’s web site, and found one very near to our house which we had heard of due to a mailing they did a couple of months ago. They sounded very good, so we’ll give them a shot.

The new dentists asked me to call the old ones to get x-rays and records forwarded, and I was going to tell them about the butcher hygenist. However the receptionist was so nice, even remembering that we were expecting a baby, that I didn’t have the heart and just said that we had moved and wanted somewhere more convenient.

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