A very nice weekend, kind of the usual but good. Friday night was some drinking at Lyle’s. As I described before, it’s not a fancy place, but it was fun to see Richard, Mark and Hans who I hadn’t been in touch with for ages. Plus the jukebox was good.

On Saturday we had a very quick trip to Target to get a birthday present for Claire, then to the Wedge Co-op for some supplies, including a yummy free-range chicken, which I roasted up for dinner with polenta, green beans and beets – very colorful!

Sunday afternoon we went for a bit of a bike ride along Cedar Lake Trail, which is just out the back of our place. The weather was beautiful, very sunny without being too hot, and it was fantastic to zip along through the greenery and the noise of chirping bugs. Although I think it’s time for my bike to be serviced as it was a bit sluggish.

Rather strange TV on Sunday night – mostly rubbish apart from some good lines in the Simpsons (“The Statue of Liberty? Where on earth are we??”) but one thing we came across was C-Span showing the Scottish Parliament – very odd to see it here, if for nothing else than the accents which with the shouting made them sound like my old school teachers. Another channel was showing pictures and interviews from the International Space Station which I thought was really cool.

This is how we spend our weekends.

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