the smarts

Emma is currently finishing up her Master’s Research. She also caught Dara’s cold. Feeling a little bit fragile she was explaining to Toby that he had to be gentle with her as she was finding it hard to be a grown-up that night. Toby said he understood as he was finding it hard to be 7, ” you see all my friends know I am the smartest kid and they keep asking me all questions and stuff”. Emma said that mummy and daddy felt like that at work some days too. Toby suggested we should just change our name from Mogendorff to The Smarts ¬†and he could be Toby the Smarts and we could be Andrew & Emma the Smarts.

Later he was reading his new biography of Albert Einstein and came across the word genius. When asked what that meant he said it was someone who is really good at everything. Emma pointed out that it is usually someone who is really really good at just one thing, or a small group of things, rather than everything. Toby announced he that he was the best in class at math and also he always gets nominated in class when they have to work out what new words mean so he must be a genius at two things.

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