sound and vision

We had a quietish weekend – it was still hot and humid out which Emma is not dealing with too well at the moment. Friday night however was beautiful and well timed as it was Em’s work dinner – a paddlboat (or perhaps steamboat, I’m not sure) cruise up the picturesque St Croix River, which runs along much of the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin before merging with the Mississippi. Very relaxing start to the weekend and nice to meet her workmates too, they seem like good people.

On Saturday evening we got the DVD of the Royal Tenenbaums, a richly atmospheric movie which we very much enjoyed. Gene Hackman in particular is incredible in it.

I took the DVD back to the store last night (I walked, thinking it would be a nice cool evening when it was in fact 85 degrees and very humid) and took my walkman radio. I tuned in to the start of one of my favorite programs, This American Life to experience one of the best pieces of radio I’ve ever heard. It was about a group of felons in a maximum security prison who were performing Act V of Hamlet – the premise being that Hamlet is considering killing someone when these men had in fact done that very thing. I highly recommend that you put aside 45 minutes or so to listen to it.

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