Our friends Paul and Claire came over last night, with their 18-month-old Lauren, who is loads of fun, to take advantage of Domino’s Pizza 2-for-1 Tuesday deal. After calling and being on hold for a while Paul and I decided it would be quicker to go down to the store and get the pizza take-out rather than waiting for delivery.

Once we’d placed our order and told it would be 20 minutes (rather than one and a half hours they were quoting for home delivery) we thought we’d kill time by walking a few blocks to the liquor store – after all pizza isn’t really pizza without a couple of beers too. As we approached the intersection of Hennepin and Franklin Avenues we noticed a loud and rhythmic chinging. It took us ages to work out what it was – a dodgy car at the lights? The lights changed, all the cars drove off but still the chinging. Someone walking by with bells on their clothes (you get some colorful people in that part of town)? No, people walked by but still chinging. Eventually I worked out that it was the noise of people taking a class at the belly dancing school, no doubt practicing their mini-cymbal technique.

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