it pays

We’ve been getting final things together for the house, like insurance and all those fun paperwork items. It’s kind of tricky though as I’m not 100% sure I’m going about things right. So I’ve relied on the power of the internet to help me out, and there are some excellent resources (The Motley Fool is one of my favorites).

One consistent message I’ve seen is that it pays to put in a little extra work and shop around. Especially with the insurance thing, this seems to be very worthwhile. Recently you may remember that I’m now saving over $500 a year on car insurance, and now I’m fairly confident I got a good deal on home insurance too. I’ve called a bunch of different insurers and seem to have the best price with American Express. Most other providers were around $200 more, and the highest is my former car insurer, asking for over twice what Amex quoted. So I think we’re looking good. Plus when I called the mortgage broker to let him know, he thought that was an extremely good deal too, and I guess he knows about these things.

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