Toby had some homework last night. He had to write about his name – his full name and the meanings of his first and middle names. He also had to say if he had a nickname (“Tobe”) and whether he liked his name (yes).

Then he had to think about what his name would be if he could pick a different first name. Initially he said Tobe, but was advised that this is already his nickname. So he said “Mr. Freezy”. Emma said, “Seriously? You would like to be called Mr. Freezy Alexander Mogendorff?” (We’re not sure where he got the idea from, perhaps from a superhero or something. After a lot of back and forth Emma went upstairs to help Dara get into her pajamas while Toby thought about what he would like to have as a new name. Eventually he ran upstairs with the answer, which he had written on his worksheet: “Tobelrone” which he pronounced as Toblerone.

4 Responses to “names”

  1. Paul says:

    He wants to be an ice-pop?

  2. Saroj Dhungel says:

    Hi Andy, How are you? I had seen some pictures on the site you gave me. You keep that up pretty well.

    I thought I saw you in Ceridian yesterday in Bloomington. Ofcouse I could be completely off.

    Let me know if you are around that area.

    I hope everything is going well with you and your family.

    I am doing well and so is my family.

    Talk to you soon.


  3. Brother David says:

    Better than Mr Dog.

  4. Robin (bro) says:

    Mr Freezy is one of the Mr Men. So not a bad choice. Better than Little Miss Greedy for example…

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