see, fix

Got a mad telemarketer yesterday evening from American Express, trying to get me to take up their credit protection facility. I told him that I wasn’t interested and he just went berserk, almost shouting at me: “I don’t understand why you don’t want this! There is no reason for not taking this!” He also told me that he would answer any of my questions, of which one was “Why aren’t you listening to me?”

So afterwards I went to the American Express website to find out their privacy policy, and got the number to call so that I could opt out of telemarketing and direct mail from them. The associate was very polite and it sounds like I’ve been taken off the list. Identify a problem, take action, get it fixed.

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  1. [...] So now the serious business begins: Paul and I are going to the hardware stores tomorrow to get paint, gardening tools etc. I’ve also been calling the million businesses which I have to deal with to get my address changed. A couple of bizarre ones – our phone company were very helpful but once I’d gone through the process, the guy said, “So I notice that you only have basic service – what’s up with that?” Then he went through a list of options, such as call waiting, caller ID etc and basically told me that I needed them all and was mad to be turning them down. Not quite as pushy as the mad marketer a few days ago, but close. Then this afternoon I called the bank to let them know. We went through a whole bunch of things, only to find that the assistant wouldn’t let me change my address because they had the wrong birthdate for me. Apparently I need to go into a branch to get it changed and to get my birthdate corrected. Seeing as the last time I went to a branch to get something done I had all my accounts taken away from me I decided to do the address change online which took 10 seconds, and no funny questions asked either. [...]

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