summer camp report

Toby has had a week back at regular YMCA summer camp, after enjoying a week of the outdoors at the Y’s Camp Kici Yapi. I think he really enjoys both, but the outdoor camp was something a bit more special. Too exhausting for him to go every week, but he’ll be doing back in a couple of weeks to do more archery, swimming, sliding and fort building, and get more of a tan and more mosquito bites. In the meantime, here’s his report sheet from the first week (click on the picture for a closer view):

Toby's July 2009 YMCA outdoor camp report

Toby's July 2009 YMCA outdoor camp report

2 Responses to “summer camp report”

  1. Rich says:

    Wait a minute – that’s your writing?

  2. Andrew says:

    No, it’s the counselor’s, obviously.

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