summer camp

It seems like only six posts ago I was mentioning Toby’s impending summer vacation plans – going to the Downtown YMCA summer camp. Today was his first day and he did very well. It was pretty strange dropping him off – although it’s a well supervised environment and the teachers clearly know what they’re doing, it’s still odd to think of him being in charge of his own things, like knowing when to ask people for stuff and coordinating his packed lunch etc. Just little things which we know that he’s very capable of, but I guess it’s a parenthood thing to have to deal with the anxiety at the same time as dealing with the increased independence.

Of course he did great – he’s really good at making friends and being confident in new places and we’re very impressed with the program so far. He has a few weeks in the downtown location, then he’ll be off for a week in their outdoor camp where he’ll get to do hiking, fishing, kayaking and other wholesome summer activities. Lucky guy!

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