mostly relaxed

The weekend was excellent. A nice two hour drive down the bank of the Mississippi led us to the Tritsch House B&B in Alma, Wisconsin. The accommodation was fantastic, a big Victorian house up on the hill overlooking the river. I think we had the best room – when they renovated, the owners put two rooms together so our bathroom was almost bigger than our bedroom. Two things we were looking for in our place to stay were a jacuzzi and good food, and mission was accomplished on both of those. We were given excellent food – three delicious courses each morning. The first day was fruit followed by smoked turkey and mushroom quiche, followed by blueberry pie; the second day we also started with fruit, then had a kind of striata/French toast thing – blueberry muffins with blueberry cream cheese and fresh, er, blueberries baked in eggy batter, with sausage and cheese puffs on the side, followed by a kind of triple-decker chocolate-cookie-with-bananas-and-cream dessert. Wow.

So back to real life today and on work breaks I’m getting in touch with all the people I need to call for the upcoming move – electricity, gas, cable, etc etc. With that and work it was a very productive morning.

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