signed, sealed

This morning Emma and I signed a million pieces of paper which means that now we own a small piece of America. Or at least our mortgage company does; we own a huge mortgage. But it’s kind of cool either way. We were quite nervous beforehand, not having been in the house for a few weeks but when we had the walkthrough this morning we realised again why we like it, and how much. Emma asked me if I felt proud of myself and I suppose I do, having moved here three and a half years ago with just a suitcase and backpack – the old immigrant thing. It is gratifying to know that she and I have done it all ourselves.

So now the serious business begins: Paul and I are going to the hardware stores tomorrow to get paint, gardening tools etc. I’ve also been calling the million businesses which I have to deal with to get my address changed. A couple of bizarre ones – our phone company were very helpful but once I’d gone through the process, the guy said, “So I notice that you only have basic service – what’s up with that?” Then he went through a list of options, such as call waiting, caller ID etc and basically told me that I needed them all and was mad to be turning them down. Not quite as pushy as the mad marketer a few days ago, but close. Then this afternoon I called the bank to let them know. We went through a whole bunch of things, only to find that the assistant wouldn’t let me change my address because they had the wrong birthdate for me. Apparently I need to go into a branch to get it changed and to get my birthdate corrected. Seeing as the last time I went to a branch to get something done I had all my accounts taken away from me I decided to do the address change online which took 10 seconds, and no funny questions asked either.

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