any wonder?

Emma and I were in a bookstore a couple of nights ago leafing through baby names books. I picked up a more general pregnancy book called something like “Your Pregnancy Week By Week” and checked out what they had to say. The thing I was shocked by was that each week had a Dad Tip box – all very well except that the tips were so lightweight they were almost a complete waste of time. Things like “Make sure your wife is comfortable at night”, or “Your wife is going through many hormonal changes, so expect some mood swings”. Is this 1950?

In the Week 20 (where we are now) chapter there was information on the ultrasound, which is generally done around this time. The Dad Tip was “Seeing the ultrasound is an big deal, so if you’ll only be able to make one doctor visit, this is probably the most important”. If that’s the kind of low expectation of involement that men are reading about, is it any wonder that they end up so uninvolved in the whole adventure?

Anyway, we had a visit with the midwife yesterday, and everything’s looking good. Emma’s pleased that she has a “perfect uterus” (no-one’s told her that before) and the baby seems healthy. Here’s a couple of pictures from the ultrasound. The second picture is of the soles of the baby’s feet, which you may need to use your imagination a little due to my scanner at home – I’ll see if I can re-scan it because it’s really cute:

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