absurd bird

We had a bit of a surprise tonight when we got home from work: there was a small dead sparrow lying on the kitchen floor. Apart from the shock Emma got when we saw it, it was quite a strange thing to see. I assumed that the cats had done it in, but there was no sign of struggle – although I didn’t inspect it too closely as I was taking it outside, it seemed to be reasonably intact and there were no feathers lying around the kitchen. Plus the cats barely seemed to notice it.

The other puzzle was how it had gotten inside in the first place. Because of this never-ending winter the house is sealed tight as a duck’s arse, so it’s not like it could have come in through a window. However I was just down in the basement to do some laundry, and noticed that the cover of one of the old vents to the chimney seemed to be loose. I guess it’s possible that the bird could have fallen all the way down there, gotten through the vent and made its way to the kitchen (maybe the cats carried it there so that we would find it) but it’s still pretty strange.

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