on the ground

My usual walk home from work is across Loring Park, past the fountain and the lake and over the bridge. Once over the bridge the pathway splits in two to allow for a small circle of grass, which most people walk across anyway.

On Monday I noticed the following, in this order: two people lying on the circle, a bicycle, also lying on the grass, a park policeman, his car, and the fact that he was standing over the two men holding a gun to them. The grass circle is quite small, maybe 20 feet across, so I was going to have to get quite near to this situation (and fresh in my mind was the fact that there had been a disturbance in North Minneapolis over the weekend after a boy was hit by a ricocheting bullet when a cop had shot an attack dog, which had been set on him during a raid of a drug house).

I tried to stay quite calm – those guys were not moving anywhere. I’m guessing that there was some drug dealing going on, so they may have been somewhat less than alert anyway. So I strolled past, trying not to be obviously looking at what was happening. Pretty soon another police car showed up and I assume cuffed and removed the men. That’s probably the nearest I have knowingly been to a loaded and wielded gun.

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