at last

Barack Obama takes the Presidential Oath of office.

I don’t really have much to add beyond what loads of blogs and papers have written about the inauguration. I was at work today and got to my desk after a meeting just in time to be able to watch a stream of President Obama taking his oath of office. I was very close to being sat there with tears running down my face. What a moment, partly because of who we have now, and partly because of who we said goodbye to today. Now, the hard work. Who would want that job, I have no idea, but good luck to him! Some fantastic photos from the Washington Post are here.

Also Garrison Keillor wrote a piece (I’ll try to find a link) about his experience being in the crowd. He said at the end that one of the biggest cheers was when the screens showed the Bushes get into their helicopter, the rotors started to spin as the cheers got louder, and then the aircraft took of and took away the former President – it was like the ice going out on the river after a long winter.

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