or even pleurisy

Well we were back to the doctors’ again today, this time with little Dara. She got quite sick last night, with a lot of wheezing and a fever of about 103, and while we wouldn’t normally take her to the doctors’ right away, there has been a bit of pneumonia going around at her daycare, so we thought it was worth getting checked out – we didn’t want to be negligent parents (or at least get found out).

Of course once we arrived at the medical center, she was all happy and saying hello to everyone, and her fever was right back to normal. Plus she only coughed when she wasn’t near a member of the medical staff. But when the doctor started to check her out she immediately saw that she has an ear infection (which surprised us because she hasn’t been showing any signs of ear distress). She also noted that Dara’s oxygen levels were at the low end of normal, and that she was breathing quite fast and with effort. So she was sent off to get a chest x-ray. When I had mine last week it was pretty easy – stand in front of a screen and wait for the picture to be taken. For a toddler, it’s not so easy to hold still, so she was put in a sort of plastic tube which held her body still and her arms out of the way. For anyone who knows toddlers, they will appreciate that being held still is probably the thing toddlers like the least, so this didn’t go down well, especially when they had to re-take the shot, but apart from that she did really well. The doctor said that if she has pneumonia, we’ve caught it good and early so it should be easy to get rid of quickly.

She’s now got some amoxycillin, which should kick in really quickly for both the ear thing and the pneumonia – I think at the moment she’s just really wiped out (as are we after not much sleep last night). It now means that both of the members of the family Toby refers to as “the D people” (Dara and Daddy) are a bit under the weather, and I’m continuing to be in awe of how Emma’s dealing with all this. Right now she’s on the sofa watching TV, eating fruit crumble and drinking wine, looking like the picture of calm, so I’m impressed.

Incidentally, the title of this and the previous post are from Billy Connolly’s The Wellies song, which you may have got if you are Scottish. I wasn’t actually planning it that way when I wrote my post yesterday, which is a bit alarming. At least Dara doesn’t actually have pleurisy, which while also being a lung infection, sounds a lot worse than pneumonia.

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  1. Robin says:

    “…cos you would have a dose of the flu, or even pleurisy, if it wisnae fer yer feet in yer wel-lies!”

    Get well soon Dara.

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