a dose of the flu

I’ve been off work for most of last week, and one day the week before, the longest I’ve been out sick for ages. I’ve been running a fever since Thursday last week – about 9 days now, although it’s been responding to Tylenol. Not very high fever, around 99-101, but even so. The strange thing is, no other symptoms at all – appetite is fine when my fever is down, no congestion or anything – so kind of a mystery

So on Tuesday evening Emma took me to the doctor’s – the doc checked me out for strep throat, and also for pneumonia, which apparently is going around, but both tests came out negative. He gave me antibiotics and said that I should go back if it’s still going on by the end of the week.

Which it was, so went back to the doctor yesterday – a different doctor this time. I told him what had been going on and he immediately (and jokingly) said “Malaria!” I must have looked a bit worried as I laughed – he asked if I had been to Africa or anywhere like that lately, and I told him I had been to India but that was a couple of years ago; my last trip abroad was to the UK, so he said “Mad cow!”. Ha ha ha. Anyway, he said that he thought it was probably flu, and there’s not much you can do except rest and get good nutrition, which I’ve been doing, so hopefully it’ll be over soon. He insisted on doing a test, which involved taking a nasal swab – basically sticking a small brush right into my sinuses. When a doctor says “you’re going to hate me for this” you can be sure not much good will come of it. I had no idea I had sensory nerves back there – it was a pretty bizarre and unpleasant feeling, almost like he was taking a brain tissue sample, and of course he had to do both sides too, so I knew what was coming the second time. They also took some blood for other tests, which felt like nothing compared with that swab.

So, just waiting for results and looking after myself. Hopefully I’ll be back at work on Monday or Tuesday next week!

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