Very proud of the kids today, if I may be somewhat boastful. Dara is just being a happy girl in general, and now has about 6 or 7 definite words. It’s continuing to be great to hear her chat come along and get more of an idea of her personality.

And Mr. Toby is doing great at school too. We went to a party for his class yesterday afternoon, and firstly it was so good to see how much fun he was having with all his friends and how much they liked being with him; secondly we heard from his teacher that she had just re-assessed his reading progress. When he started in September he was about level A in reading – levels 1 and 2 are foundation; levels 3, A, B and C are kindergarten level. After a few weeks, one month ago, he was at level C. Levels D through I are first grade level; J onwards is second grade. His assessment yesterday showed that he was at level H. I’m very pleased at how he’s doing – partly to see his progress, but also because he’s just enjoying reading so much. It’s really rewarding that he’ll pick up books and work through them, and is feeling so good about his abilities.

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