make me an offer

House things – on Wednesday night Emma and I looked at a couple of houses over in St Paul. One was quite nice but we felt that the rooms were bizarre shapes – difficult to fit our furniture in, long and narrow. However the second one we had a really good feeling about (you can click here to see the listing with photos of inside and out). It’s not the biggest place we’ve seen, but it’s in a nice neighborhood and feels a good size and price for a first home.

Yesterday we went back and checked out the area a bit more. One of our main criteria was to be able to walk to places, and this place has a couple off coffee shops and restaurants, a bar and a bakery within fairly easy walk. We also spoke with one of the neighbors who said that it’s a good location.

So this morning we went to our realtor’s office to sign a hundred papers so that we could place an offer. Now I guess we have to wait…

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