santa scares

In previous years we have tried to encourage Toby to want to get his picture taken with a Mall Santa – most of the malls here have a great big Santa’s Grotto, outside which lines of parents, grandparents and children stand for hours to get a picture with Santa. However (and probably fortunately) Toby seemed to be very suspicious of the whole thing, and especially Santa himself. Last year we met a Santa who was on break from his perch – he was a very large man wearing a quite ornate Santa outfit, with lots of extra fur trim and even knickerbockers with stripy green and white socks. I found him intimidating, and of course Toby would have nothing to do with him.

Well it turns out that Toby is not alone among his peers for being Santaphobic. Our local paper recently sent out a request for readers’ photos of their kids crying in Santa’s lap, and got loads of fantastic examples. Here’s a video compilation.

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