glad I’m not

Today I’m glad that I’m not the President or Vice President. The day after Bush made a speech calling for greater accountability in corporate life, to help avoid more Enron/Worldcom-type scandals, the markets dropped like a stone. Perhaps the fact that he said more of these scandals were waiting to happen – not the most reassuring of things to say – is something to do with it? One thing I can’t get my head around is why he isn’t blaming more of this on the Clinton administration, when I’m guessing a lot of this malfeasance started. Maybe because it’ll be even more obvious what he was doing before he was president? But surely that would be a good get-out – “Clinton let this happen, we’re rooting it out which is why you’re hearing about it now”.

Then Vice President Cheney has been called on in a case to do with his former company, alleging fraudulent accounting practices. Not to mention his hilarious quotes about Andersen which are recorded for posterity – “I get good advice, if you will, from their people based upon how we’re doing business and how we’re operating over and above the just sort of normal by-the-book auditing arrangement”. All these things piling on so that we’re starting to forget the whole Energy Task Force scandal where the VP held private meetings with energy executives, to help “shape” the country’s energy future.

Then back to el Presidente, there are his own previous dealings while on the board of an energy company, which were found to be of no consequence by the SEC, but surely raise eyebrows. Of course, as this piece in Slate points out, they will probably get away with everything. It’s easy for those in power to be pointing fingers at others, but once again the hypocricy is astounding. Aren’t we all glad that integrity is being restored to the White House?

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