basement upgrade update

I haven’t posted pics of the basement in a while. Work has been going on, but with the drywall going up and getting finished, it hasn’t looked too different. However we got to the point where the painting could start this week, so tonight I took a few photos, and here they are. I can’t believe how much cleaner the whole place looks – we have to keep looking at the “before” pictures to remind ourselves.

So the plan for tomorrow is that the guys will finish spray painting the ceiling, and hopefully put in some of the new flooring. Over the weekend I’m going to paint the wall on which the laundry tub is going to go, then early next week the plumbers will be in to finish the laundry, and also reset the bathroom. Then it’s pretty much just a matter of a bit of door framing, and I’ll have time to paint the rest of the walls. Finally we’ll have a nice, dry, clean basement, and get our laundry and garage back too!

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