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It’s probably time to announce that Emma and I are expecting a baby!! We’ve known for a while now – the scan above was taken on June 7, when the baby was just 14.6 mm long, so about 8 weeks old. I think the head is the blob on the right, and the body is the blob on the left. There was a flashing light between the two blobs which was the heart beating, an amazing thing to see even if it did make it look like an alien. We’re now in the 14th week (the baby will now be about 4 inches long and weigh around 4 ounces) and I think everyone is doing just fine. Apart from I’ve put on more weight than Emma. The due date is January 13!

One of Emma’s friends yesterday suggested that we have a sweepstake to guess the birth weight of the baby (or the weight of me when the baby is born) which I think is a great idea. So click on the Comments link if you’d like to have a guess. We don’t know what the prize will be, if any, perhaps the honor of an evening’s babysitting.

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  1. [...] Ages ago, when we announced that we were expecting a baby, I posted a scan of Toby at 8 weeks and 2 days. Just a little blob. Also I proposed that people guess how much he would weigh when he was born. Richard guessed 2 tonnes, only 1.9999 tonnes off. [...]

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