busy day

For a Saturday, today turned out fairly eventful. After a great dinner with friends last night at the Quang Vietnamese restaurant round the corner, the kids slept pretty well, and as a result so did we. After breakfast I had to do some home repair – I think that the plumbing work in the basement caused the kitchen tap to get some gunk in the workings, so it was leaking a lot. A quick dismantling and reassemble and we were all set.

We had to go out to get some supplies, so a Costco trip was in order. We also needed to go to the Post Office, but on the way we had a bit of an accident – I was just outside the parking lot, when the driver of the car in front and to the right of me must have realized that she missed the Post Office parking lot entrance, so swerved into my lane, then stopped and reversed right into the front of us (even though I was honking the car horn as she was reversing). It was a low-speed impact: some scratching, minor denting and a turn signal broken on our car, but still a bit of a pain and enough to make you a bit shaky. Toby was kind of upset, so Emma took him to the Post Office to do what she needed to do while I called the insurance company. Fortunately the other driver was hugely apologetic and cooperative, so here’s hoping that there are no issues.

Anyway, we went for a bit of lunch to regain our collective cool, then did the shopping, then hung out at home for a while, followed by a trip to the park, then dinner, bath for the kids, and now they’re quietly asleep. We also trimmed Dara’s hair for the first time. It seemed a bit of a shame when she doesn’t have much, but she was developing a bit of a mullet, so it was more just a tidy at the back, and looks a fair bit neater now.

Actually I’m re-reading this post and realizing that the day was really neither busy nor eventful. Still, we’ve gotten this far and I’m not really in the mood for editing.

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  1. Pat Sharp says:

    What’s wrong with having a mullet?

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