new basement progress

Well the basement renovation is continuing apace. So far we’re really happy with how it’s going. Overall here’s what’s happened:

Demolition of all the walls, shelves and bar. Tear out of old wiring, replaced with new. Installation of drain tile and sump pump flood protection system. Removal and improvement in sewer piping. Moved the gas meter to outside wall, removed old gas piping and replaced with copper. Removal of all old water piping, replaced with copper and PVC pipes, with huge improvement in water pressure to the upstairs bathroom. Vapor barrier installed around walls. Wood framing installed for walls. Insulation installed for walls. New lighting and power outlets installed.

Next steps are for the new walls to be built, and the new laundry tub to be installed, then new flooring, then painting.

First week pictures are here; latest (week three) are here.

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