obama zen

A well-thought article in the Times from Andrew Sullivan on Obama’s calm and political judo, and how these things have helped him. My favorite paragraph:

Obama rarely directly attacks. He subtly baits. His most brilliant rope-a-dope of the entire campaign was against Bill Clinton in the spring. In a newspaper interview, Obama cited Ronald Reagan as the last transformational president. He didn’t mention Clinton. The former president was offended by being implicitly dissed, took the bait and unleashed a series of unwise public scoffs at the young Democrat, culminating in a dismissal of Obama as another Jesse Jackson. Suddenly, black Democrats abandoned Clinton’s wife, and the Clintons’ base collapsed. Obama merely stepped out of the way as the Clintons self-destructed. He didn’t just end their campaign; he helped to bury their reputation.

Not to mention “He does his thing, raises masses of money, keeps his staff in perfect order and focuses on issues and themes.” There’s quite a contrast in this race at the moment.

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