This week we finally finally got around to starting our renovation of the basement. We’ve been meaning to get around to this for ages – we would occasionally (about once a year) get a little water in the basement floor when there was a lot of melting snow and rain in spring – not enough to do any harm but enough to stop us from putting any nice furnishings there. Also it was just very ugly – done in wood panelling probably in the 30s or something, and it really needed to be cleaned up.

So after a number of wildly varied quotes, some refinancing, lots of cleaning and junk removal and a bit of fretting about how good the contractor would be we had the whole thing start this Monday. There’s been tons done already – Monday and Tuesday was the demolition of the wood paneling and the drop ceiling; Wednesday there was a lot of cleanup of plumbing, including some drains, then Thursday we had Standard Water come in to do the water protection work – installing drain tile and a sump pump, which involved a trench being dug around the perimeter, then filled with stones, piping and finally cemented over. Friday there was more plumbing and the first of the electrical clean-up. Quite a productive week to say the least, and next week we’re all set for the new walls to be built, and the start of the plumbing updates.

It’s been a bit of a hassle – not too bad because obviously most of the work has been downstairs, but we have had some strange happenings with our electrical system, and the plumbing work has affected the water pressure in the bathroom and kitchen (much better in the bathroom, and terrible in the kitchen which means that the dishwasher isn’t working, so lots of dishwashing all week). The cats have been quite accommodating – we had to move their litter trays and they haven’t been allowed downstairs, which is usually their hideout.

Anyway, it’s all very exciting. Here are the photos from week one – enjoy. I’m already shuddering at how bad it used to look – even if we stop now it looks 100 time better.

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