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Last Friday I had a rather strange but fun experience – the US Citizenship test. Emma and I had been thinking about doing this for some time – now we’ve had our green cards for about 6 years we’re eligible but it’s not something to be taken lightly. We have found that it’s OK to have dual citizenship with our British passports, and I know that if we have to give that up it would be a different story, but gaining dual citizenship feels like a good thing to do.

There are a number of reasons why I’ve been thinking of doing this: firstly this is home in many ways, and being able to be a full member of the society, especially being able to vote, feels like the right thing (especially as I’ve been paying tax since I got here). Also it gives us much more flexibility – if we left the US for over two years we’d lose our green cards. Furthermore I have heard that it makes a difference with inheritance taxes I might have to pay to the kids when the inevitable happens. A little strange to say that you would serve in the army if called upon, but as we said if they’re going to call up mothers of two in their thirties (like Emma) then the world is pretty much falling apart and it’s not going to make much difference what countries you might belong to.

Anyway, there was a fair amount of paperwork to do, but on the whole it seems to be a much easier process than the whole work visa and green card process. The interview was close to the final stage – now my application has been approved and I just need to wait to hear when the ceremony is, which is the final step. I was quite nervous – apart from the momentousness about it, I was worried that despite my studying I might flunk the US Citizenship test questions. As it turned out the interview was very relaxed. I was asked some pretty simple questions, and seemed to do pretty well in the tests of written and spoken English. It was all over in about 15 minutes or so. I guess I missed the opportunity to change my name (keep meaning to add an extra F to Mogendorff) but all in all it was a good thing to do. Now I just have to wait for the ceremony!

Also last night my friend Michael came over with a patriotic apple pie for us. I was too grateful to point out that although the phrase is “As American as apple pie” there are plenty other countries where people make apple pie. However, not many where someone would carve USA into the crust (the other thing carved in at the top of the crust is apparently an eagle):

USA Apple Pie

USA Apple Pie

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  1. Fiona says:

    What was your English literacy questions? I still remember mine. I had to write “My car is red” and read “I live in a nice house”. Seriously taxing stuff. I also understand your desire to add that extra f to your name , Fmogendorff is much easier to say and spell. :D

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