There are a number of subtle differences between American and British supermarkets, one of them being the kinds of meat you can encounter in each. Despite the new/old food “movement” in the U.K., I’m sure that in most supermarkets here there is more offal available – chicken gizzards, pig trotters etc, than I ever saw in Britain.

On James Lileks’ Bleat today he had a picture of something he saw at one of our local markets:

Chicken feet

Chicken feet

Urgh. As he says, “I’m sure they’re quality chicken feet, but the thing about modern supermarkets is this: generally, not a lot of feet.” Well, you do get pig trotters, as I noted, but there’s quite a difference between trotters and actual feet. With scales. And claws. Holding onto each other.

And per the wording on the price label, I’m not sure what the store thinks my life is like, but a handful of feet is not something that would be living up to any life I would like, thanks.

PS if anyone has any chicken feet recipes, leave a note in the comments, if you must.

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  1. Fiona says:

    Oh ask and you shall receive….not just a chicken feet recipe

    A DELICIOUS chicken feet recipe


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