walking video

Took this little video at the zoo over the weekend – they have a little kids’ playroom, where the children can play dress-up and look at cool x-rays of some of the zoo animals. Anyway, the sound quality of this isn’t great because it’s done with a regular digital still camera, but the picture’s pretty good I think. Oh, and she’s usually steadier with walking than this, but she’d had a couple of martinis right beforehand. Enjoy:

3 Responses to “walking video”

  1. Dolf says:

    Well, you try walking with a tail…

  2. Rich says:

    She looked a bit like Yoda at the start.

  3. Robin (bro) says:

    You try walking after 2 martinis!

    (Truth be told, after 2 martinis I too often feel like dressing up like a beaver)

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