who is this guy?

Last night I watched Joe Biden in his acceptance speech for the Vice Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party. Exciting times, and seeing Obama come on stage at the end was a thrill.

One of the points Biden hit was his friendship of, and respect for, John McCain. However he said that he fundamentally disagrees with what McCain is proposing for the country. I think also that McCain has been changing and losing his focus in his bid for the Presidency. For example he was for a long time known as being straight up and open, but today a very strange interview was published by Time magazine where McCain is “prickly” and refuses even to define what “honor” means to him, or that he is in anyway uncomfortable with how negative his campaign has gone.

That negative campaign reached a new low a couple of days ago when they released an ad pulling specific words from a statement by Obama to twist what he said. Here’s the backstory – worth reading for context. One of the points is them having Obama say that Iran is a “tiny country”. The actual statement is about how the US should engage with our adversaries – how we did that with the Soviet Union, and “Iran, Cuba, Venezuela — these countries are tiny compared to the Soviet Union.” A very different meaning from what McCain’s campaign implies, you could even suggest that it’s a desperate lie.

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