One of the guys at work is a coordinator for the Corporate Fitness program, where the company will pay an participation fee for local sporting events. In a couple of weeks is the American Lung Association of MN – Thai Two On 5K, and Marc’s been trying to get people to sign people up for it. I haven’t run for years – I used to run at school but mostly as an excuse to get out of doing “real” exercise – but last night my friend Hans came over to take me out for a run. He does lots of running and I was worried that I would be able to keep up, or would just collapse. However I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, and we had a nice jog around the neighborhood. I’m sure he was going much slower than he would have wanted to and was just being kind when he said I did quite well. I’m not too sore today either, maybe this could be a good thing to get into.

So to my slight alarm I’m signed up to run on the 18th – wish me luck.

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