night out

Yesterday was the annual National Night Out, and for the third year running our neighbors organized a street party for our block. We closed off the street and set up tables and barbecues, and a whole load of us basically hung out, got to meet new neighbors and ate good food. The weather was perfect, and we got to meet some really nice folks. One of the guys who I hadn’t met before is Brazilian, and he somewhat lived up to national stereotype (in the best way) by having the biggest barbecue, and grilling huge hunks of meat which he had skewered on swords. He also did some little things – smoked sausages and marinated chicken hearts, which were surprisingly delicious. But the rib-eye was completely phenomenal. There were quite a few kids there too, as well as friendly dogs, so Toby and Dara had plenty to do and see.

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  1. Greg says:

    I can attest to that. The rib-eye was fantastic. Louis put our North American barbecue of sausages and burgers to shame. Thanks for coming.

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