toby’s daddy

Emma found a piece of paper from a couple of weeks ago – a small project Toby had done for Fathers’ Day. It’s titled “My Special Daddy” and is a series of questions for the kids. I’ll put Toby’s responses in italics:

My Daddy is the most wonderful Daddy in the world!

He is as handsome as a Bottle
He is as strong as a weightlifter
He can lift 10 lbs, and is 11 feet tall.
His favorite food is tomato soup
His favorite activity is bringing me a snack
When Daddy was little, he used to play a lot
I think my Daddy looks funny when he is in his bath robe
But I know he is really mad when I don’t listen
I wish my Daddy would feed me Oatmeal Squares with me every day
I would not trade my Daddy for my toys.

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