I’m working from home today, due to having a poorly five-year-old. Yesterday evening Toby was complaining about having a sore tummy – we thought it was to do with having too much candy at the school camp-out yesterday, but reports indicate that the quantity of junky snacks was minimal. When he went to bed he was still talking about it, and he didn’t really get to sleep properly, so at Emma’s and my bedtime I ended up staying in his room with him. Not much sleep for either of us – he was going to the bathroom every half hour or so but these were, shall we say, unproductive visits.

I think we were both dozing off at around 2am when …. well I’ll let him describe it in his own words, when he told Emma this morning. “I realized that I needed to run so I held my breath and jumpted out of bed and ran to the bathroom as fast as I could and when I let my breath out lots of…” On second thoughts all the details are probably a lot more interesting to a five-year-old – I’ll spare you. Anyway he was really stoic – after he had been ill he said that he was feeling much better and he said I could go back to my room. Of course at this exact time Dara woke up, but after a change and some milk she went back to sleep pretty quickly. Toby had another couple of zooms to the bathroom but both times he was awesome – didn’t seem to be unhappy and just did what he needed to in a calm and businesslike manner. I was really impressed.

After all those night-time shenanigans we weren’t going to send him to school, so he and I have been hanging out today. He seems to be much better, and right now is watching a movie while I’m catching up with work. I think it’s much more fun being a kid.

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