where’s the popcorn

At Toby’s daycare tomorrow they’re doing a camp-out, which is less gay than it sounds – it’s like pretending to be boy scouts. OK, less gay than that – get over yourself.

So Toby has to take a few things along: a sleeping bag or blanket, a DVD, a book, a snack and a cuddly toy. Emma took the kids along to the supermarket this evening to get something snacky. After unsuccessfully trying to persuade her to buy a 12 pack of huge donuts, they decided that a bag of popcorn would be the thing. Emma was browsing the shelves picking up some groceries, and Toby was bouncing around trying to get her to go to the popcorn aisle. When it was clear to him that she was in no hurry he went off by himself to find it, but came back empty-handed after a couple of minutes (don’t panic, it’s not a huge store) because he was probably a little concerned about getting lost.

He bugged her to get moving and hurry up to find the popcorn “Mom, mom let’s get the popcorn, let’s get the popcorn, let’s get the popcorn,” but when she said that he had to wait he marched over to a store assistant and said very politely “Excuse me please, where’s the popcorn?” The man gave directions, and off Toby went – Emma followed this time. They got a big bag of cheesy popcorn, and as they were at the checkout the kindly assistant made sure that they had what they needed.

Emma and I are both quite impressed and a shade alarmed at how independent and resourceful our boy is becoming as he’s growing up. At least he’s polite with it though.

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  1. Robin (bro) says:

    A DVD? Do American trees all have players and screens built in these days?

    They’ll have to cut them all down and replace them with Blu-ray ones soon…

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